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FOX News
Jul 11, 2011 11:00pm EDT
quote . you can imagine what the worldwide markets will do if the u.s.a. defaults on obligations in august. all of us will suffer economically because foreign investors would begin to pull their money out of america. the dollar would plummet along with stocks.
Jul 17, 2011 11:15pm EDT
. u.s.a. up 1-0. tied at 1, 104 #th minute. off the corner, my goodness, what happened there? the world cup finals decided in a shootout. japan makes two of their first three. japan stuns the u.s. to take home their first u.s. title. >> effortly it wasn't meant to be. we worked so hard. we believed in everyone through everything. the olympics is around the corner. we're excited about that opportunity. hopefully we can qualify and get to london. obviously will hurt for a while, but i'm proud of our team. we never gave up. congratulations to the japan team. i think their country is very proud of them. >>> we have more world cup coverage later in the show, with a look at how one local team followed a local hero. >>> let's stay in europe and head from germany to england, where two americans had a good shot at winning golf's oldest trophy, which has been around since 1872, which also means there are a lot of names engraved on it. phil mickelson has never had that honor, but today for a while, it looked like the left hander was set to carve his name into history. windy conditions of course ac
Jul 13, 2011 11:30am PDT
but we'll show you who showed up on the women's team next. >>> u.s.a., chants right now and they watched the women's team beat the french team 3-1 in the world sock are cup match. the incredible drama playing out on the big screen tv. amy hollyfield was there to watch the, site. and joins us with more. >> the crowd was on the feet when the goals were scored but now everyone seems to be focused on the finals. a dedicated crowd. it's very cold here at civic center plaza but those here can't watch say they can't imagine watching it anyplace else. this crowd was larger than the one over the weekend. u.s.a. fever appears to be spreading. >> it's very exciting to be out. enjoying soccer with friends. >> it's so fun and then you see it. you are like, i could do that. i just like it. >> we can't control the weather but soccer is an international game and this is an international city and the opportunity to celebrate women's sports and do something is free it's totally worth it. >> it was the game against brazil that took everyone's breath away 5-3. it all came down to the penalty ki
Jul 13, 2011 11:00am PDT
mancini sleepworld. >>> u.s.a., chants right now and they watched the women's team beat the french team 3-1 in the world sock are cup match. the incredible drama playing out on the big screen tv. amy hollyfield was there to watch the, site. and joins us with more. >> the crowd was on the feet when the goals were scored but now everyone seems to be focused on the finals. a dedicated crowd. it's very cold here at civic center plaza but those here can't watch say they can't imagine watching it anyplace else. this crowd was larger than the one over the weekend. u.s.a. fever appears to be spreading. >> it's very exciting to be out. enjoying soccer with friends. >> it's so fun and then you see it. you are like, i could do that. i just like it. >> we can't control the weather but soccer is an international game and this is an international city and the opportunity to celebrate women's sports and do something is free it's totally worth it. >> it was the game against brazil that took everyone's breath away 5-3. it all came down to the penalty kick. today looked almost easy they took france away
Jul 6, 2011 11:00pm PDT
the swedes a 1-0 deal. this is world cup women's soccer. abbey puts the u.s.a. on the board. sweden wins 2-1. they do a dance. u.s.a. plays brazil sunday in the quarter finals. if you are planning ahead, olympic coverage, prepare for 2018. >> pyeongchang. [ cheers and applause ] >> south korea. they could lose nbc because of the tape delayed coverage. roll the human canon ball. the human canon ball. here he is. david smith has 11 children, 6 training to be human canon balls. he is 68. you can't look at it enough. the human canon ball.
Jul 26, 2011 12:30am PDT
strikeout and rolling. 6-0 united states. tailor a two run homer and the u.s.a. is on their way. from san jose, she is playing on the national team. makes the catch. u.s.a. beat japan 6-4 for their fifth straight world cup title. are you ready for some football? >> football is back and that's the great news for everybody. i want to thank all of the players for their leadership and for securing the 8 game. >> i am proud of the men that you see behind me, i am proud of the former players and most of all i dig our fan whose love our game. [ laughter ] >> the one thing that jumps out, actually two things, 10 year deal, you don't have to hear him say i dig our fans for 10 years and the lower rookie salaries, one report that cam newton, the number one pick last year would have made 30 more million dollars. the rookies will take a hit but no more full contact, two aday, the coaches can't beat up the players. jim harbaugh can now talk 49er football. >> i can't tell you how good it will be to have them in the building. smelling their breath. getting to know them. that's what i am looking
Jul 14, 2011 5:00am EDT
women's world cup, entertaining. japan-u.s.a.. >> brilliant. they call japan the barcelona of the women's game. they are the best team in the world. they came back in style. it is brilliant because they are going to play for the first time ever in a world cup final. sunday they will be up against two-time former champions, the u.s.a. although it is an open goal, you still have to get on it target. the distance that she hits it, fan fantastic. the u.s.a. beat france 3-1 in their semifinal. scrap promised to do something special for disturb japan promised to do something -- japan promised to do something special for their team after the tsunami. >> not even what, six, seven kilometers across. that's at its widest point with just a few thousand people living on it but four of them are assuming the dream of olympic glory in london next summer. >> quality exercises. >> 12 months to go and they are already feeling the weight of expectation. >> i said don't let go of that stone. >> this will be the base for london 2012, that is if they qualify. the coach has worked with some of the big n
Jul 18, 2011 11:00pm PDT
country. they said we want to watch u.s.a. versus japan. the 1999 world cup final, the u.s.a. beat final. still the most watched tellcase in the united states. -- telecast in the united states. united states blowing two leads. good news, chris is an all star. representing the earthquakes and bobby as well. so they will represent the san jose earthquakes that july 27 major league soccer all-star game. -- all-star game. considered gall's biggest celebrity event. -- golf's biggest celebrity event. the way this is heading, all the -- is there going to be football, they will not miss any games. bottom line, if the owners don't want to miss exhibition games because they can gouge you for $10 beers and charge you full price. the word is the lockout will be over next week. could even come by wednesday. show me the lake tahoe golf, i couldn't wait to get too. aaron rogers throwing to jerry rice. that's what rice is famous for. catches a short pass and runs the length of the field to show, hey, look at me. here is joe from colorado. the former hockey player, won $500,000 for himself and for
Jul 8, 2011 5:30pm PDT
glad that you are joining us today as well. the 40th anniversary u.s.a. tour, which takes us from milwaukee to san francisco to los angeles, is a special time for as a veteran ping-pong diplomacy players to share all pictures and stories and continue our friendship while sharing the legacy of ping-pong diplomacy with the young degeneration. for the athletes four decades ago and now, pingpong diplomacy has always been about bringing people together to transcend political, national, and cultural barriers. i was just 15 years old when i went to china. i was a member of the u.s. team for the world championships. it was my first international competition, my first time outside north america, and it was a really exciting world championship because it was also the first time that the chinese team was participating in the world championships since the beginning of the cultural revolution in 1976. i really look forward to seeing the chinese team. there was a great mystique since they had been gone from the table tennis team for such a long time. i still remember the first time i ever saw t
Jul 13, 2011 7:30am PDT
to china in 1971 and the chinese team trip to the u.s.a. in 1972. ping-pong diplomacy also applies to the role of sports in bringing people together in peaceful interactions. in sports, we have a common language that transcends national boundaries and cultural differences. we gain perspective and understanding, and we learn appreciation for each other. through the legacy of ping-pong diplomacy, we carry forward to the new generations a new people's revolution. it is one that carries a world wide message of peace, love, and cooperation. [applause] >> thank you. now, i would like to ask mayor lee to come back to the podium because we have some presentations to make to the delegation. and we are going to be helped, too, with the pronunciation of the names so we make sure that we get them all correct. [applause] >> [inaudible] whene'er [applause] [reading names] >> before the exhibition, i have one announcement to make, and i know supervisor mar will appreciate this. this summer -- in fact, in the month of september, there will be sunday streets in san francisco's chinatown north beach
FOX News
Jul 4, 2011 6:00am EDT
"fox & friends" begins right now. >> ♪ born in the u.s.a. i was born in the u.s.a. i was born in the u.s.a. born in the u.s.a. ♪ >> great place to be born, isn't it? right here in the u.s.a. >> a little fist pump for bruce springsteen, born in the u.s.a. happy fourth of july. one of the best days of the year, isn't it? > >> lots to be thankful f this morning, right? >> always thankful for patriotic music. roll it all day during the fireworks, during breakfast all day long. >> send us your fireworks pictures. many of you have had fireworks displays. what's your plans today? friends at send us your photos and we'll try to pick them up during your weather forecast. we'll try to show those all morning long. it is beautiful. went to grab coffee at 4:00 a.m., a man out there raising the american flag at 4:00 a.m. early this morning. welcome into "fox & friends" this morning. that's dave briggs, ainsley earhardt, i'm clayton morris in for steve, brian and gretchen this morning. >> we have an action-packed show. at 8:30, we'll be bringing you this casey anthony trial live
Jul 18, 2011 1:30pm PDT
prevent real growth of cycling in the u.s.a. and also go for more quality infrastructure solutions. here is a picture taken in the south of netherlands. here, the layout is so much that you are really regarded as cyclists that they have made space for you. the cars know that cyclists have priority. this is a common roundabout situation in the netherlands, also in the village where i live. so this shows that you go for the cyclists. go for cyclists and realize when someone is saying we were cramped in space like in san francisco, we say, well, you have never been to any dutch town because your roads are so wide. and then they think, yeah, but all these lanes are needed for car traffic. i'll tell you, if you use this traffic model, you should realize that the capacity of your system is not determined by the amount of lanes and the stretches of roads but by the capacity of intersections and you realize that the capacity of these intersections are a lot lower than any capacity of lanes that are on the stretches of roads. so it's only a parking place for cars on to the next traffic ligh
FOX News
Jul 23, 2011 3:00pm EDT
germany and drew a huge crowd. on we have a clip of him singing born in the u.s.a. in east germany this is pretty remarkable because so many people were there and they are singing along to born in the u.s.a. they weren't allowed in the u.s.a. >> that is right. theenormous popularity. this signaled the end of the communist regime. >> john: i can see how the music had a big effect but a much bigger effect would be raw consumerism. have a choice, they wanted the stuff, the phones, bikes and cars. >> i was in the 7 yet union in 1986 and i was immediately sbarmd when i walked in red square that wanted to buy my jeans. this happened. they were desperate. i got a soviet uniform in exchange for it. >> john: that is what brought the wall down? >> if you look at the revolution that culminated in 1991 you see people walking away from ideology and internal documents they were saying it to themselves. if we continue to allow western influence, popular culture this n our people will want to leave. >> john: it reminds this wendy's commercial. let's take a look. >> john: people wanted choices. people w
Jul 18, 2011 10:00pm PDT
world champs. >> the world cup final u.s.a./japan at the highest rating at 13.5 million viewers. japan beach usa. the former team member broke down the disappointing defeat. >> usa loses in japan when is it? " without a doubt japan wins it. if you're going to say usa lost it and brazil is going to say the same scenario. and this came japan fought back it does not usually happen with the u.s.. they wanted it more and >> that you if you watched the first half it is all u.s.a., the breakthrough. >> the u.s.a. that a sum the mid to consistently it is creating opportunities but by the end of the game which is put a few more and do not have to go to overtime. and yes, they did not take advantage of those opportunities but we have to do better at the shoot out. >> we argue about this on the radio all the time that they choked, they choked to me that is difficult to stomach. without using that term " joked " do you think it got tight down the stretch? >> i do not think there were tight on a stretch japan of played a very good game. the u.s. just happened to be in a shoot out already in this to
Jul 17, 2011 6:30pm EDT
. president obama sent the u.s.a. women's soccer game a good luck tweet before the world match saying sorry i can't be there to see you play but i will be cheering you on from here. let's go. >>> in other news tonight. casey anthony. she is free. walking out of a florida jail just after midnight this morning. she served time for lying to police in connection with the death of her 2-year-old daughter. this evening casey anthony's whereabouts unknown. her safety a major concern for those who defended her. karen brown is in florida with more on the story. >> reporter: casey anthony walked confidently into her new life of freedom with little emotion and a quiet thank you to a guard it took her less than 15 seconds to walk out the front door of the orange county jail. an angry crowd chanted outside. anthony enters a world where many are still angry a jury acquitted the 25-year-old woman of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee. >> it really hurts. now she is free. and that's really -- for me it is wrong. >> reporter: the florida mother spent nearly three years behind bars. her release t
FOX News
Jul 25, 2011 5:00pm PDT
failure. the u.s.a. prospers when business expands and consumers spend. we all know that. right now the federal government is hindering that with president obama leading the way. most americans are beginning to wise up. when 44% of american voters strongly disapprove of a job a sitting president is doing, that president is in dire trouble, thus the address tonight. and that's the memo. now for the top story, reaction, let's bring in fox news chief political analyst brit hume in washington this evening. so, do you think that mr. obama really wants to solve this debt deal? >> well, i think he would like a big deal, a big agreement that would do two things. one was it would give the appearance, at least, of having made a major inroad. raising the debt ceiling and the leverage that provides to the republicans who only control one house of the congress further spending cuts. i think those are his two objectives. he wants the big deal because it would give him something to run on. he will could say look, we have taken major steps to improve our country's fiscal situation. and that will help t
Jul 17, 2011 10:00pm EDT
supporters. president obama and the first family also watched team u.s.a.'s matchup and they aren't the only team's high profile fans. cheering in frankfurt were joined by the vice president's wife, jill biden. the university of maryland soccer camp watched the match day's game inspired a new generation of athletes. >> reporter: victoria drove 10 hours from canada to attend the soccer camp. all she and her teammates could talk about was how the u.s. women's soccer team was finally helping them get respect from the boys. >> it's so good to be a female. you should see the facebook status from all my guy friends. it's so great, because they're finally understanding how proud we are. >> reporter: as the head coach of the university of maryland's soccer team, brian is the camp's director. >> we get these moments like this, making a world cup final, we have to celebrate. >> reporter: he encouraged his campers to watch japan's skill handling the ball and the athleticism of the u.s. team. this sophomore received a shoe from u.s. soccer store abbey wombat. >> one of the greatest layers ever.
Jul 15, 2011 6:30pm PDT
worries about the creditworthiness of the u.s.a. the dow rose 42 points, the nasdaq up 27-- or 1%. the s&p 500 ended the day four points higher. trading volume a bit heavier due to options expirations, just over a billion shares moving on the n.y.s.e. and 1.8 billion on the nasdaq. overall, a rough week for the markets. the dow was off 177 points or almost 1.5% on the week. the nasdaq performed the worst, losing ground in three of the week's sessions for a net loss of 70 points, or almost 2.5%. the s&p 500 also down on the week, off 2%. >> tom: earnings were up, but revenues were down as citigroup posted its sixth-straight quarterly profit. citi earned $3.3 billion, or $1.09 per share, in the second quarter-- 13 cents better than estimates. but revenues shrank, falling 7% to $21 billion. one bright spot? the bank set aside less money for bad loans-- $3.4 billion. it was double that a year ago. citi stock sold off on those lukewarm results, falling about 1.5%, closing at $38.38 a share. this year citi shares have been a huge disappointment to investors. suzanne pratt take a look at what's
Jul 4, 2011 5:00pm EDT
9,000 hd. more details on that coming up after the break. >>> but first, made in the u.s.a. if you can't find products manufactured in america, you are not looking hard enough. we'll be back. [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee. now you can brew over ice for delicious iced coffee or tea. hot or cold, keurig is the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. >>> made in america. on this independence day, that slogan has historical meaning like harley davidson. there's a belief out there that the american manufacturing is dead, not so. the u.s. produces twice as many products right here on american soil as it did 50 years ago. americans may feel everything is made in china, but that's actually far from true. the u.s. remains the largest manufacturing country out pacing even china. companies that keep production state side have lower transportation costs, shorter supply chain, and fewer problems launching new products. they have an advantage over firms that export their manufacturing. >> they look at new opportunities and
Jul 30, 2011 1:30pm EDT
washington has created. pleas get the u.s.a. back to work -- please get the u.s.a. back to work and make the progress and stop the bickering." and then brenda from infield says, "my 77-year-old husband retired last year. i'm planning on retiring at the end of this year. collecting social security at full retirement age of 65. we've been good citizens, running our own small business for 40-plus years and we've been diligent in taking responsibility for our own retirement savings. as you know, over the past two years due to economic pressures, we faced substantial reductions of our retirement portfolio and again now face irreparable damage just as we retire. my husband and i urge you to do whatever it takes to build a cooperative bridge in congress to protect the economy from further trauma." cynthia from exedor says, "i'm receiving social security due to a disability, but i would gladly give up $5 a month." this is cynthia, who's on social security. "if everyone shared in the idea of balancing our nation's budget issues and committe deficit. i would like to see revenue raised. at the
Jul 17, 2011 11:00pm EDT
white house this afternoon. president obama sent the u.s.a. women's soccer team a good luck tweet before the world cup final match. it said "sorry i can't be there to see you play but i'll be cheering you on here. let's go." new york's times square was shut down so fans could watch the entire match up from the square. even though the team lost, spectators are still so proud of how the women got into the tournament. the u.s. would be the only country with three world cup titles if they had beaten japan. >>> casey anthony has been a free woman for almost 24 hours but tonight she remains in seclusion for her own security according to some. just after midnight this morning the 25-year-old woman walked out of a florida jail after serving nearly three years for lying to investigators about her daughter's disappearance. karen brown is in orlando, florida, tonight with an update. >> reporter: casey anthony confidently walked out of jail early sunday and has yet to be seen. >> caylee, caylee. >> reporter: but that didn't stop hundreds still seeking justice for her daughter caylee. >> we lo
Jul 1, 2011 4:30pm PDT
, cycling is inherently more safe than in the u.s.a. because all car drivers are also cyclists. 60% of the people in the netherlands cycle at least three times a week. 80% at least once a week. so all the car drivers are also cyclists and they know as they turn right that there is an 80% chance that they will cut off a cyclist if they don't look. so there is also safety by numbers. one last thing and that is about liability. when i hear about cycling in the u.s., people say, oh, but cycling is so dangerous. and then we say, no, cycling is not dangerous. cyclists hardly ever cause accidents. cars cause accidents. cars cause facilities and in the netherlands we have the philosophy that car drivers should realize that they're in a machine that can kill. and also from that on responsibility in taking liability. if a car drives over a child on a bike, no matter what happens, he is 100% liable for whatever happens. and even in the other cases, when a car goes in the collision with an adult on a bike, still there is at least 50% liability for the car driver. and when the car driver would say, but
Jul 18, 2011 5:00pm PDT
doctors in milwaukee, obamas, and the philadelphia. i love to watch u.s.a./japan the u.s. women's soccer. in fact it was the highest rated a soccer game, effort. japan had victory from a penalty kick. easily topping the men's viewing world cup match. the 1999 women's world cup finals for the women beat china. still the most watched simulcast ever. you could not take your eyes away. >> this is a new thing for us. in the past 12 hours it has been a little difficult but the outpour of support. it has put us all back and we should be proud of what we brought back. >> we are obviously devastated for not bring it home the cup that is what we wanted that is what worked so hard for. sometimes things do not happen in life as you plan and you have to live with it. that is okay. >> former world cup valley wagner alley--and wide to keep her husband in the lobby? why? and he says that my wife does not let me and when when i do interviews. >> i do not know what your talking about carry aloft >> gary: a couple of players [laughter]-- >> gary: rebel a renin july 25th. chris run allows tand bob le
Comedy Central
Jul 21, 2011 9:30am PDT
. can you believe it? abby wambach has saved the u.s.a.'s life in this world cup. >> jon: wambach, goooooalllllll. you know what, though, i got to tell you, it's not the same when you see it in the highlight as seeing it live. to see it... excuse me for a minute. i'm just going to... to my changing closet. [laughter] hey, hey, everyone. hey, ladies. >> just ignore him. >> oh, is he coming this way? >> ladies, here's what i want. i want brazil injury time magic. give me a little of that. on three, let's do this. [dramatic music and cheering] ladies, what are we doing? what is this? is this because it's basic cable? no, give me the band. >> you want this? >> give me the band. lady, let's do this. >> jon: i'm so open. i'm so open. >> is he dead? >> no, maybe concussed, though. let's get out of here. [cheering and applause] >> welcome back. my guest tonight, an actor in crazy stupid love. >> i got the report on the end of the year financials. >> good, good, really great. >> okay. >> seriously. >> all right. okay. >> seriously. >> who told you that emily and i are getting divorced? >>
Jul 25, 2011 12:00am PDT
reagan turned the optimism note to a patriotic message. it was 9 hit song "god bless the u.s.a." by lee greenwood. ♪ i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me and i gladly stand up ♪ chris: bill clinton and al gore's optimistic theme was all about their bridge to the future message. ♪ don't stop thinking about tomorrow don't stop it will soon be here ♪ chris: another winner. but what about theme song that's bombed? because they didn't marry an optimistic note with the candidate that looked optimistic. there was, of course, michael dukakis. ♪ around the world they're coming to america every time that flag unfurled ♪ >> and john kerry's didn't exactly work for him either. ♪ it's a beautiful day don't let it get away ♪ but the grandaddy of all bad theme songs, when ross perot was combating his image as a loose cannon he chose this theme -- >> here we go. ♪ crazy i'm crazy for feeling so lonely i'm crazy ♪ chris: the great patsy clivene. when we come back, we'll talk about optimism. barack oba
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 244 (some duplicates have been removed)